Looking for a predictable monthly bill?

坦帕电’s 预算帐单 program can help. It’s a free 和 easy way to take the highs 和 lows out of your electric bill.

With 预算帐单, your monthly electric bill will no longer be the total of your actual charges. 而不是, it will be based on the average of your electric bills from the previous 12 months, so it is about the same every month.

  • 例如, if the total amount of your last 12 electric bills was $2,400, your 预算帐单 monthly bill would be about $200.


月数 = 新的月度
预算帐单 Amount
$2,400 ÷  12 = $200


Say bye-bye to bill spikes!


  • You must be a residential or small business customer.
  • You must not owe an overdue balance or have a pending service disconnection order.

How does the program work?

While on the 预算帐单 program, we'll continue to read your meter each month to determine your actual usage 和 cost; these amounts will be recorded on your monthly bill. While in the program, your bill will also show a “deferred balance”. The “deferred balance” represents the difference between your actual charges 和 your 预算帐单 average monthly payment amount.

On your enrollment anniversary, 和 periodically at other times during the year, we will review your account to determine if your 预算帐单 amount needs to be adjusted. Adjustments can happen if your usage or rates have changed. Your monthly billing amount may increase or decrease based on the new calculation of actual energy used. If the deferred balance is greater than zero, the difference will be included as part of your new average payment amount over the following 12 months. This means your new monthly 预算帐单 amount will include 1/12th of your deferred balance. If your deferred balance is negative, you will receive a one-time credit that reduces your current charges.

Your deferred amount is immediately due if you disconnect service, stop participating or are removed from the program. If the deferred amount is negative, you’ll receive a one-time credit that reduces your current charges. If the deferred amount is positive, the entire balance will be posted to your account for immediate payment.

Important 预算帐单 information:

  • Once enrolled, we will activate your request on your next billing cycle.
  • This program is designed to provide predictability. It is not a discount program.
  • There are no program fees or contracts. You can stop participating at any time.
  • To participate, your account must remain active 和 current.
  • The designated monthly amount must be paid.
  • Late charges may still apply.
  • If your account generates two service disconnect orders within 12 months for non-payment, it will be removed from the program, 和 cannot be re-enrolled for at least 12 months.
  • You will be notified by bill message of any changes to your 预算帐单 amount.

To enroll in 预算帐单, click the button below, create a 坦帕电 online account if you don't already have one, 和 select 预算帐单 on the settings menu in the lower right corner of the home page.

If you have any questions, 十大网赌靠谱网址平台 寻求帮助.