Downed = Danger!

Safety is Tampa Electric’s top priority. That’s why we want to remind you to avoid downed power lines and other electrical hazards that can happen anywhere, at any time. Stay safe around power lines and other electrical hazards by following the tips below, downloading our Power Line Safety Flyer and visiting the Electrical Safety Foundation’s Power Line Safety site.

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Avoid Power Lines

STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM POWER LINES AS POSSIBLE! Always assume downed power lines are energized. They do not have to pop and snap to be energized. NEVER TOUCH power lines, or anyone or anything that touches power lines – such as a tree branch, fence, vehicle or even water. If you see a downed power line, call 888-223-0800.

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Drive Carefully

Never drive over downed power lines. If a power line contacts any part of your vehicle, stay inside and tell others to stay away until the line is safely removed and the power is turned off.

If you must leave the car due to a life-threatening situation, DO NOT touch the car while getting out. Jump clear of the car and land on both feet. When your feet hit the ground, shuffle or hop away to a safe area. No part of your body should touch the car when your feet hit the ground.

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Play Safe

Teach your loved ones and children about electrical safety and being aware of overhead and underground power lines. If your kids plan to fly a kite, or other object, ensure they're in an open field away from electrical lines. Wet and dirty kite strings can conduct electricity. If the kite, or other object, gets caught in the power lines, DO NOT try to retrieve it. Call 911, then Tampa Electric at 877-588-1010.

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Mark Buried Power Lines

Avoid injury from underground power lines. Whether you’re planning a do-it-yourself project or hiring a professional, call 811 or visit at least 2 full business days before digging. For your protection, underground power lines will be marked for free.

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Energized Solar

Treat solar panels like power lines. Avoid downed/damaged solar panels, wiring and components. Assume they are energized like a power line. Stay as far away as possible and call 911 for assistance.

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No Drones

DO NOT fly drones or other objects near power lines. If an object gets entangled with the power lines, DO NOT try to retrieve it. Call 911 then call Tampa Electric at 877-588-1010.

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Plan For Trees


DO NOT trim trees or vegetation touching or near power lines. Only qualified tree contractors should trim trees around power lines. Use our online tree trimming form to report tree limbs that may interfere with electric service.

Be aware of overhead/underground line clearance requirements. Overhead power lines on or near your property can interact with trees, causing power surges and other potential risks.

Underground cables can also encounter the root systems of trees. Don't plant shrubs or flowers around electric transformers, which are located on the ground in a metal box on a concrete or plastic base.

Refer to our tree planting & safety guide to learn how the right trees – planted and maintained safely – can help make our community beautiful.

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Watch Your Antenna

Install TV, satellite and radio antennas away from power lines – at least the height of the antenna plus an extra ten feet.

Stay Away from Power Lines